What Do I Offer?

My first offering is to work with me as your Pleasure Guide:

I use the Erotic Blueprints taught by Jaiya Ma to help you discover your sexual esssence as a human being. Magenta connects us to what we love, can have, and all of our desires of being in a body while also being part of the Universe. The best way to connect you to this high frequency is liberation of shame. One of our biggest- often unconscious shame is something to do with sexuality and being a limitless erotic being. Working with me I will connect you with your erotic self. In order to this we will go through healing process and coaching around any shame that has to do with sex. When you are connected to your true sexual essence we can create whatever life you are wanting plus you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Pleasure is one of God’s greatest gifts to us and coaching with me you will learn how to always put pleasure first in life.  I have different tiers for working with me but no matter the teir you will know your Erotic Blueprint, how to add pleasure to your life, create from a place of joy and embodiment. Each person is unique so working with me as a coach we will cater a plan specifically for you. Things that can be created are bring in your sexual well being and vibration, manifest and create love life you want (this can be with a partner or own your own), and healing trauma around your sexuality. I WANT YOU TO HAVE ALL YOU DESIRE and I know working with me one-on-one will get you there. ❤

My second offering is Access Bars (R) MAGENTA (+): This session includes a combination of all m intuitive and healing gifts. We will start with Access Bars. I will be intutively guided by guides, your guides, and intention of what you want to focus on during your session. Access Bars helps release limiting beliefs and values efficiently and easeful around whatever our focus is on. Access Bars can feel like a nice massage and people often walk away feeling clearer a with a peaceful smile on their face. This is cleansing process for the system that focuses on releasing beliefs or values around money, time, aging, pleasure, sex, manifesting, creating newness, and so much more. Then, I will go into the Magenta Healing Session which leads to first intuitively using doTerra essential oils to help activate chakras and keep negative energy away. I am guided to use different essential oils for different body parts and charkas throughout our whole session. Essential oils are used for a variety of reasons but I use them to help balance your body system, give it vibrations that it is lacking, and when intuitively guide add more joy, prosperity, abundance, or love to your life. Magenta is the color of the 8th chakra. I will go through a process of activating each chakra and processing any that is being called to. Once everything is activated and cleared. I will move up to the 8th chakra that point that hovers over your head about a hands width above your head. Activated you may instantly feel more joy or pleasure in your body. Activating the 8th chakra is to help one connect to body and soul alignment, life purposing, making dreams a reality, coming from more love and feeling more love, and a variety of other things dependent on person. There are two purposes to this session one is to release and heal anything that comes up during this session and around the intention set. The second, is to connect you with your deepest pleasure and biggest joy. It’s to activate within you all you want and desire and to get it and feel it in physical form. Life becomes a lot easier once you activate and maintain being in this high vibration. My hope is you’ll love it so much you’ll come back again to maintain the vibration of unconditional love and magnificence.

My last offering is the Joyfull Body Experience:

My last offering is if you are truly looking for an energetic experience that lights up your soul and nourishes your body. The experience starts with a meditation to connect you with your tree spirit guide. Being connected to this guide will help you manifest things into physical form, be more grounded, connect you with Mother Earth and all her guides. Tree spirits have a lot to with helping with abundance and inspiring you to believe money really does grow on trees, and that anything is possible. Your tree spirit may offer you a message or give you gift that you will always be able to access. Then we go into a full hour Access Bars Session this will activate the delete button to release all limiting beliefs and values you are willing to let go around money, pleasure, prosperity, creativity, and so much more. When we are bogged down by limiting beliefs we can not be the magnificent beings we truly are. We feel very limited, by releasing these belief systems that negative we become magnetic and our desires come to us. Lastly, will be an hour long Magenta Healing Session which focus is to activate the 8th chakra so you can live life from a more balanced and joyous place, connected to both soul and body. Magenta activation is good for calling in all that you desire and living life with more soul. Magenta is the color of elegance. It allows one to feel beautiful inside and out. Imagine being bathed in magenta how luxurious that would feel, how every cell would have purified and sparkling. During the session I will also channel what essential oils to help with clearing, healing, and increasing your vibration. The essential oils will be specifically for you and what you are needing or lacking in your body. As an added bonus I will put on a rosehip face mask for you upon request. You’ll leave the session with a personalized essential oil mix, a bottle of crystal infused water, and a little delightful snack. My hope is you walk away feeling like you just a luxurious spa day that leaves you feeling luminous, abundant, and more joyful. That your whole body, mind and spirit feel cleansed and nourished. I am hoping you get all you desire from this session and more! That it releases everything within you that needs to be and is willing while illuminating your trueself and vibration. I hope you leave this 3-hour experience leaving a nearer, brighter you!