Pleasure Guide

Work with me as your Pleasure Guide:


I use the Erotic Blueprints (TM) taught by Jaiya Ma to help you discover your sexual esssence as a human being.

The best way to connect you to higher frequencies is liberation of shame. One of our biggest – often unconscious – shame is something to do with sexuality and being a limitless erotic being.

Working with me I will connect you with your erotic self. In order to do this we will go through a healing process and coaching around any shame that has to do with sex.

When you are connected to your true pleasure power you can create whatever life you are wanting, *plus* you’ll enjoy it a lot more!

Pleasure is one of greatest gifts to us and coaching with me you will learn how to always put pleasure first in life.

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Each person is unique so working with me as a coach we will cater a plan specifically for you!

Things that can be created are: bringing in your sexual well-being and vibration, manifesting (what I like to call femifesting) and creating the love life you want (this can be with a partner or own your own), and healing and transforming trauma around your erotic-beingness.

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I know you want all you desire!

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