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Work with me as your Pleasure Guide:


I use the Erotic Blueprints (TM) taught by Jaiya Ma to help you discover your sexual essence as a human being. I also combine my Master’s Counseling Psychology (depth psychology, trauma, and somatic) and years working with metaphysical modalities (meditation, past life regressions, energy work/reiki, card readings, etc.) to make sure you get the best results possible!

I have found that what prohibits of is shame and one of our biggest shames centers around the lack of education, appreciation, and acceptance of our erotic beingness. Liberation of shame will be our ultimate goal so that you can be free to live life limitlessly, passionately, and in pleasure

Working with me I will connect you with your erotic self, help increase your libido, and provide you with a wide variety of tools and techniques to make sure we are always growing in our sexual beingness. In order to do this we will go through a healing process and coaching around any shame that has to do with sex, learn and gain knowledge of your erotic blueprint, and apply a variety of pleasure secrets to both your personal sex life and sex life with others. 

When you are connected to your true pleasure power you can create whatever life you are wanting, *plus* you’ll enjoy it a lot more!

Pleasure is one of greatest gifts to us and coaching with me you will learn how to always put pleasure first in life.


Each person is unique so working with me as a coach we will cater a plan specifically for you!

Things that can be created are: bringing in your sexual well-being and vibration, increasing libido and intimacy, transformational and upleveling in your erotcism, creating the love life you want (this can be with a partner(s) or own your own), and healing and transforming trauma around your erotic-beingness.

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I know you want all you desire!

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