Pleasure Possibilities

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I absolutely cannot wait to start you on your pleasure journey and am so grateful at the possibility of being your guide. 


This is a consultation call where we explore:

  • What is limiting you sexually?

  • What do you desire from increasing your pleasure?

  • What support you need to accept yourself as a brillant erotic being?

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Click Now for Your FREE Pleasure Possibilities Consult!


Are you desiring to connect beyond the known of what “sexual intercourse” is?

Do you desire wild, radical and unconditional acceptance of yourself and your sexuality?


I am so excited to get this journey started and congratulate you on taking a big step on your pleasure journey!!!





Pleasure-Based Coaching Package (foundations of sex/relationships, sexual shame healing, shadow work, somatic experiencing and/or IFS coaching package): $3k for 10 sessions (Either weekly sessions or bi-weekly dependent on intake information). 

Empress Lotus Healing Package (For the Wounded Healer/Coach): 3- month container: PIF- $3k / 5- month container: PIF- $4,500 / 7-month container: $4,900

Desired Rose 12-month Mentorship (For the “TOO MUCH”/ I want it all now Entrepreneur) : PIF: $24k (ask for payment plan options)

Bleed Monthly Membership Group (For all the Magikal Wild Witches): Lifetime Access: $2222 / Yearly Subscription: $555 / Monthly Subscription: $55 (this is a safe space for all divine femininely- led beings (queer wymxn, transgender wymxn, cis-wymxn, femininely-inspired mxn)

If you feel called to work in my deep-dive Mentorship program please get on a 60-minute breakthrough call: DESIRED ROSE! 

Click Now for Your FREE Pleasure Possibilities Consult!