About ME


Hey there Beautiful Being,


I am Dawn Q. healer, weaver, and believer of dreams.

I have been on an epic journey of finding out what best life one can have.

Before the Erotic Blueprints (TM) I was already on the path of personal development, but I was having a hard time connecting to my own pleasure and the pleasure in my relationship.

My desire was to have this rich-abundant life. But, no how much meditating I did, how many New Age events I went to, how much energy healing work I got or did, or how many spiritual leaders I listen to I just wasn’t finding that bliss everyone was talking about.

I felt disconnected from my body, my hopes, my dreams, and purpose.

I came across the Erotic Blueprints because my partner and I were abundant in everyway possible except for passion. We were not meeting each other. It caused so much conflict and great sadness, but because we were excellent communicators and knew the power of tribe we reached out for help.

After, a brutal fight that almost caused us to break off our engagement my wonderful man found a sex therapist and told me about Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprints and signed us up for her Path to Passion event.

This pleasure journey started for us and man did it change our lives so much so that pleasure became the # 1 important thing in our lives. It is what guides not only our relationship but our choices, decisions, and commitments.


Pleasure zones in the vagina include the G-spot, plus 4 more ...

If you are feeling like what pleasure can’t be the answer. I’ve been there I was so unbelievably resistant to the word pleasure, being in pleasure, and making pleasure a priority.

But, after Jaiya coach my partner and I for a year I was convinced this was what I missing. Simply owning that pleasure is important. That pleasure was the ingredient I was missing in my magical pot of the awesome being I am, that we all are.

Jaiya says, “You are enough, right now exactly as you are.”

So, if you are feeling like you have to do anything right now I want to know you don’t. You can just be and that’s what pleasure has done for me I can just be and enjoy every moment.

A personal journey between my partner and I became my purpose.

I want everyone to enjoy their lives, live their lives, deeply love their lives.

LIfe to me is the biggest gift we have and for myself and my clients pleasure is the key ingrenient to getting those lives they want.

Why I coach is so that everyone can heal those parts that feel broken but aren’t. That they can love themselves for not only superpowers we have but for the shadows we have.

Pleasure to me is away of life, my personal mantra, and if you are feeling like, “Damn, I want that, I want to feel that way.”

I would be honored to be your guide. For this is really your journey back to yourself, your passion, your pleasure, and your desires.

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Pleasure is one of the ways you can find your bliss

I also include my 5+ years of being a Reiki Master/ Teacher, 5+ of Facilitating Authentic Relating and Circling and 2+ years of being an Access Bars (R) Practitioner. Plus, 2+ years of my schooling into depth psychology, trauma, and somatic psychology to help you on your journey. As well as, growing up with an abundance of differing spiritual values like Paganism, Catholism, Hindisum, and Native.

Years of training has taught me how important creating a safe container is so that my clients feel they can bring all their messyness, all their ALLNESS.

Many culture values show me it takes a village and I am ready, willing, and wanting to be part of your village.

So if you are feeling the call to embody, upgrade, and embrace a life of pleasure reach out to me and let’s discover if we are good match for self discovery and ownership of your bliss, of your pleasure.


Know there is nothing wrong, broken, or shameful about you.

That you are worthy of it all!


Sacral Chakra - Danae Light