About ME

Hello There Beautiful Pleasure Seeker,

My name is Dawn Wylde and I am a healer and weaver of dreams. I specifically focus on sexual healing and creating prosperity with pleasure. My company Joyfull Body is all about accessing your pleasure so you can live the most joy-filled life.

I am a certified Erotic Blueprint (TM) Coach and an avid learner of all things to overcome and heal sexual
trauma and shame. I am also Reiki Master/ Teacher for +5 years, 5+ of Facilitating Authentic Relating and Circling and 2+ years of being an Access Bars (R) Practitioner. Plus, 3+ years of my graduate schooling into depth psychology, trauma, and somatic psychology to help you on your journey. I as well am trained in a somatic technique called Guided Self Therapy that focus on the pain in the body and getting to the root cause for healing to happen. In addition, I grew up with an abundance of differing spiritual values like Paganism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Indigenous. Combining all my trainings, certifications, advanced education I have come up with my own guided technique called Tranformational Somatic Healing and Integration to achieve wholeness and ultimate pleasure in mind, body and spirit.

I am known as your bad$$ Fairy Godmother because I specifically use all of my skills to help you heal and transform from shadow, suffering and pain into attracting and getting all you dream of. I specifically work with conscious sexuality, sexual shame healing, education and intergration, pleasure positivity, and manifesting (what I like to call femifesting) with pleasure because I have found that all these combined have gotten my clients and myself the best results for truly living the life they want.

Pleasure is meant to be a safe, sacred experience and living in pleasure creates a life that we flourish in instead of hide from. This is the work I hope to achieve in this lifetime. I look forward to talking to all about the benefits from pleasure, the helpful ways you can apply pleasure to life and business, and specifically how to use pleasure to live a full and prosperous life.

Know I hold a safe, sacred, confidential space where all your secrets and shadows can come out and I will hold you in unconditional love and positive regard.

It is my honor and pleasure to be on this journey with you. ❤

you pleasure guide,

Dawn Wyld