About Dawn

Hey there Beautiful being,

I’m Dawn, a healer, a dreamer, a believer, and if I am honest someone who really loves her lazy days. I was born into native roots and brought up with a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs. Like Catholism, Hindiusm, Paganism, and New Age. Since I was a little girl I have be a rather empathetic and intutive being. I have overcome a great deal of trauma and difficulty in my life that has help shaped me into the healer and powerful woman I am today.

I am a ceritified Erotic Blueprint (TM) Coach, a certified Access Bars (R) Practitioner and certified Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner who has been studying Usui Reiki Ryho Reiki for 4+ years. I’m currently a grad student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, studying to be a Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in trauma and somatic studies.  I’ve taught and studied mindfulness practices for years including Transcendental and IAM Meditation Techniques.

I have many gifts that I have gotten through studying, practicing, and listening to the wisdom of others who I admire and look up to. Being an Erotic Blueprint Coach has taught me how important healthy-conscious sex is and how traumatized both individuals and the Earth from others not recongizing the power of their sexual selves. Jaiya, creator and sexual liberation teacher of Erotic Blueprints, has taught me that no one is broken and bad- that we can have our deepest pleasures and desires in life. Being an Access Bars Practitioner has taught me how beneficial activating our own power is and that healing can be easeful, graceful, and even fun. Jocelyn my teacher taught me that we can be anyone we want to be and release anything that is not us at the snap of our fingers. Being a Reiki Practitioner for so many years has given me so many gifts. It has shown me how beautiful beings are, how the vibration of every soul is unique and vibrate in his/her/their own way. Reiki has honed my intitutive skills which has given me the gift of being able to channel and heal others in maginficent ways.

All my gifts combined and my own personal healing journey has led me to the ultimate goal helping others activate their best selves.  I hold the vibration and frequency of magenta, the 8th charka and I want others to be in this vibration and create from a place of body and soul alignment. The color Magenta has been found to be the vibration of unconditional love. It activates one’s free spirit and connects one to who they ultimately are. The 8th charka activates our soul. Being connected to soul means that all charkas up to the 8th need to be cleared and aligned. Magenta is the combination of the root charka-red  (groundedness, safety, centeredness, and a feeling of home) with the crown charka-violet (consciousness, spirituality, bliss, and presence). Those who live from the 8th charka create from a place of balance, harmoney, and prosperity. The only way I know how to activate the 8th charka is to first release, heal, and align anything from the other 7th charkas. Once this is done the 8th charka a whole new world and place of being can now be lived. This can be done through a varity of offerings I have that you will find on the next page.

Looking forward to meeting and being with you,