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Hello 2020!

Hope all the beings in all the worlds are prospering and if not are guided to the healers, people, and places that will help them be. My name is Dawn and for some time now I have been on my own spiritual journey. I have felt the depths and darkness of my soul as well as, felt the magnitude and brightness of my being. Both startled and surprised me in many ways. Connecting to both extremes of light and dark brought me neither happiness or joy. My own personal experiences, travels and healing process has led to recognize I can be both a healer and an imperfect-perfect human being. That the biggest joy in life is being connected to both body and soul to thrive.

This means that while I enjoy and deeply appreciate more “woo woo” type modalities like energy healing, crystals, meditation, taort readings, shamanism etc. I’ve come to realize after massive amounts of embodiment work, energy healings, and medical and mental health appointments that I live in a material-human world that is deeply desiring for me to embrace it fully. Therefore, I continue to grow and delight in the pleasures of life. Like going out with friends, making love with my man, eating delicious chocolates, walking barefoot or sitting under trees, and soaking up the sun on the beach or staring at the beautiful night sky. I also enjoy things that are not considered so “spiritual” like drinking craft beer, watching endless amounts of Netflix and rom-coms, listening to bad pop music, and Oh yeah, staying up late and eating meat.

I can now say I truely love myself and deeply appreciate who I am. Even those wounded, scary, scarred, and traumatized parts me for I have come to find that these parts actually have given me the biggest gifts.  I believe life to be a balance and I in that balance I creating what I want. Before, I was creating from a place of lack or belief that I needed something to change and fix me, that I was broken. Now I create that I am aways whole, that no matter what I do or anyone else does I can never be broken. From this place I am able to create from a place of my deepest desires and biggest dreams.

My ultimate goal is to help you and all others find what truly makes them feel bright, alive, and nourished. My desire is that all that causes you pain and sickness is healed. My hope is to guide you and connect you to the highest vibration of your self. So that you can have all you want in life and be all you want in life. That you come to find being you is the biggest gift you can give the world. And that in, whatever you do or how ever you are, if you are connected to both Divine and Self you can manifest, create, and prosper in the world where your biggest dreams are your reality. 

I set a safe container. That can hold you and be with you in any frequency and any place that isn’t you. Come sad, angry, depressed, happy, shy, discouraged, hopeless, traumatized etc. Come no matter your ethinicity, your beliefs, who love or your troubles. Come because your curious. Come because you might think it’ll be fun. Come because you think you’ll hate it.  Come because you seeking more. Come because you are not. Come because you want healing or think you need it. Come even if you don’t want to. Come because, “F*ck it, why not?!” Let’s see what together- YOU can ultimately create for yourself and bring into this world. Come as you are. My space is sacred, it’s vibrate and it’s waiting for you whoever you may be. I truly want you to have it all and I know because you were guided to me I am the person to help you get it!

With JOYOUS love & deepest appreciation,